How to start fishing for beginners

Lure fishing only requires a rod, reel, and bait to tackle rivers, lakes, and seas. Although it may seem simple, there is a lot to learn and the operation can be complicated, making it difficult to master. Many beginners are curious about how to start lure fishing, so how can they quickly learn and choose the right fishing rod and reel?

  1. How to choose a fishing rod?

    As a beginner in lure fishing, you should know that there are many kinds of lure rods. They are usually divided into two categories: straight handle and gun handle rods. Straight handles are used with spinning reels, while gun handles are used with casting or drum reels, which are more popular. The main difference between them is the reel used, so how do you choose the right rod for your reel? Of the two common fishing reels available, should novice lure fishermen choose casting or spinning reels?

  2. How to choose a fishing reel?

    Many fishermen believe that casting reels are professional equipment and not easy for novices to use correctly. It takes time to learn how to cast a casting reel accurately using your thumb. Even experienced anglers sometimes have issues with line control and end up with a tangled mess. Casting reels rely on wrist strength and side positioning to perform accurate casts, and require more practice to reduce tangles.

Spinning reels, on the other hand, are suitable for beginners as they are easier to use and offer less resistance when casting smaller baits, such as those used for trout and panfish. They also tend to produce fewer tangles. I personally recommend that beginners start with a spinning reel to learn lure fishing. With advancements in fishing tackle, expensive gear is no longer necessary for beginners.

For beginners, I suggest targeting small fish species like smallmouth, panfish, and trout using a spinning reel with 2-5g baits and a rod length within 2 meters. Before choosing a fishing rod, it's important to know the target fish in your fishing area so you can select the right rod. Fishing rods are identified by their power and action. Generally, there are three types of rods: graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo.

Although lure fishing may seem complicated, it's easy to start. However, becoming proficient is not an easy task. These are my personal recommendations based on my experience with road fishing, and I hope they will help more fishermen.

Here are a few small soft baits that I often use.

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