Our Story

Because we love fishing, we understand your needs. We take pride in producing high-quality fishing gear, pride in receiving praise from fishing enthusiasts, and gaining innovative breakthroughs as our guidelines. What we do is not just fishing tackle, but taste and life.

Under this concept, Histar Fishing™ was formed as a brand and division within Shuiyun. We blend functionality with style. Our products are designed to be lightweight, durable, and fashionable, offering a seamless fishing experience. We prioritize the needs of modern anglers and aim to deliver performance and aesthetics in harmony.

The brand‘s slogan was coined, "Enjoy life starts with HISTAR Fishing." "Histar" embodies our brand's mission to bring ease, pleasure, and style to fishing. It combines the words "history" and "star," symbolizing a fusion of angling traditions with a modern and innovative approach. We aspire to create a lasting legacy in the fishing industry by offering cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service.

Shuiyun Outdoor Adventure Inc., established in 2018, is a comprehensive fishing tackle company with professional fishing tackle development, testing, production and marketing as a whole. The company focuses on the development of professional fishing gear, and has extremely demanding requirements and testing processes for the quality, feel, design, packaging, service and user experience of fishing gear. And it is committed to eliminating middlemen such as export/import agents, freight forwarders, warehouse distributors, and wholesalers in the supply chain. Shuiyun kept prices way low by not having to cover the high overhead costs of box-store retail space, traditional advertising, and big corporate salaries and commissions that are passed on to consumers in the product's price by other brands. It was always about low cost, not low quality, for the best product value.

Therefore, Shuiyun used JIT (just in time) supply line tactics to keep a steady flow of inventory coming in, keeping inventory levels at an optimum, and operation costs down. With the development of our company, we have started to market our fishing gear to the world and have a good reputation in the international market.

We not only bring HISTAR, but also bring a positive and optimistic attitude to life. Whether it’s fishing for freshwater panfish or hunting sharks in the deep blue sea, anglers can count on tested and proven Histar Fishing™ products for reliability and top performance.