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HF 518 Bearded Spinnerbait

HF 518 Bearded Spinnerbait

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The Spinnerbait is a fishing lure made up of a wire, spinning leaves, a fish head hook, and plastic strips. This lure is especially effective for catching predatory fish like bass - the spinning leaves create a flickering effect, resembling a school of small fish, while the buzzing sound it produces draws larger predators in. The fish head lead hook, wrapped in rubber strips, further entices fish to open their mouths and swallow the lure.

Its upward-facing hook point and wire assembly reduce tangles and ensures smooth operation in water vegetation and fallen timber areas. Additionally, its enhanced action can be amplified when paired with soft bait.

Model Spinnerbait
Weight 10g/14g
Metal Hook Barbed single hook
Material Metal
Diving Depth Sinking
Object Fish Aggressive target fish
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