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Fishing Reel Oil & Grease

Fishing Reel Oil & Grease

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Fishing Reel Care Combo: Includes 0.32oz (10ml) transparent oil and 0.32oz (10ml) solid grease. Bearing oil and gear grease are recommended for different parts.

Liquid Lubricat: Primarily used to coat bearings and friction gaps. Liquid form allows for rapid penetration into small gaps to lubricate maintenance components. Has a high resistance to oxidation, can reduce or avoid the production of sludge.

Solid Grease: This type of grease is primarily used on gear discs and gears. Excellent thermal stability and resistance to corrosion. High adhesion allows for a consistent noise reduction effect at varying speeds. Outstanding resistance to water washing and capable of providing adequate lubrication in humid environments.

PRECAUTIONS: Please clean and air dry the application area prior to applying this product. Do not combine with other greases.

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